Business is booming.

Organizations taking business trips into the metaverse

“Frankly, we believe that this is an example of what the future of work looks like,” said Katie Bolla, partner in management consulting for the GTA and consumer and retail industry lead at KPMG in Toronto.

The metaverse looks like a typical office space and it includes whiteboards, conference tables, and can include video and chat capabilities.

Because the tool is modelled after a real-world scenario, “it can create a more organic and immersive coaching and mentorship environment that supports high-performing teams and the management of teams in a hybrid work environment and also it injects some fun; a sense of exploration and some of those unique experiences that employees and teams have been eager for and asking for over the last 18 months to two years,” she said.

It was designed to allow any authorized user to access it, regardless of the platform, and is relatively easy to pick up, according to Bolla.

“The metaverse offers that new opportunity and platform for KPMG employees, our partners, our clients to collaborate, learn, share ideas at work together, without those limitations or boundaries or physical borders,” she said.

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