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Busting the myths about credit scores

Most people know that you need a good credit score to be able to borrow money, but how to start building one up is a bit of a mystery. Money Clinic listener Emma, 22, has never been in debt before, apart from her student loans. However, she has heard that getting a credit card could increase her chances of being able to take out a mortgage in the future. Before she applies for one, what does she need to consider? Plus, if your credit score isn’t great, how can you improve it and why is this worth doing? Claer Barrett, Money Clinic presenter and the FT’s consumer editor, scrutinises Emma’s credit score, with help from Katie Watts, a consumer expert at and debt adviser Sara Williams, who runs a blog called The Debt Camel (@debtcamel on Twitter and Instagram). Together, they explain the hidden world of credit scores, credit files and tips on how to use credit responsibly.

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This free-to-read FT article How to Improve Your Credit Score includes lots more tips and pointers:

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