Business is booming.

Even business leaders are facing wellbeing concerns

“It’s time for the C-suite to become more health-savvy by embracing the expanding focus on wellbeing in their role. This critical shift will not only benefit their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their people, but also the long-term success of their organizations,” said Jen Fisher, Deloitte’s US chief wellbeing officer.

These leader sentiments toward better health outcomes are being felt by 81% of respondents, according to Deloitte and Workplace Intelligence’s survey of more than 2,100 employees and executives across the US, UK, Canada and Australia in February.

“While it’s promising that so many executives feel they should be responsible for employee wellbeing, many also feel that they aren’t taking enough action,” said Fisher.

Only about two-thirds of executives surveyed said they take all of the personal time off, walk away from the desk during the day, get enough sleep time or spend enough quality time with family and friends.

Around one in three leaders “always” or “often” felt exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, lonely or depressed, finds the survey.

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