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Behind the Money, an FT podcast about business, money and power returns

The Financial Times’ narrative podcast about business and finance is back, with a new host, Michela Tindera. Every week starting today, May 25, we’ll dive into one story about business, money and power.

In our first episode, we’re talking about crypto and wondering: is a “vibe shift” under way? Bitcoin’s price has been dropping for weeks and earlier this month, a popular stablecoin collapsed. FT reporter Ethan Wu explains how the effects of that rippled into other areas of the crypto universe. Michela and Ethan will discuss what stablecoins are and why they matter — even for people who aren’t crypto investors.

Our next episode, out June 1, will go deeper into the murky world of crypto. With the help of FT reporters, we’ll explore the background of two of crypto’s most important figures: the chief executive and chief financial officer of Tether. 

Not interested in crypto? No problem. From some of private equity’s biggest deals to examining whether corporations are using legal manoeuvres to evade liability, in the coming weeks you can join Michela and other FT journalists from around the world to listen to stories about finance and business and how they shape our world. 

We’ll be back every Wednesday with new episodes. 

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