Business is booming.

How one strategic focus has shielded brokerage firm from market shifts

Last year, the company posed $162 million across more than 500 units, he said.

Tan credits the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME) with having helped him along his career. He recalls the sense of remoteness he had when he first started out, seeking advice from colleagues only to be met with reticence while being viewed as competition.

“When you’re a mortgage broker, you feel like you’re all alone,” Tan said. “When you try to ask questions of another broker in the area, they make you feel like you’re the competition. I’m still new in the broker industry, and they [AIME] have been very helpful.”

In addition to offering networking opportunities, AIME’s escalation clause has helped him along the way, he said. One of the major issues brokers run into relates to complications with their lender. AIME offers help in that realm, working directly with lenders toward achieving a satisfactory resolution to the broker’s issue. The group has a 93% success rate in satisfactory outcomes.

“They have been very helpful, not only for networking but understanding who our partners are and understanding who our true wholesale lender partners are,” Tan said. “They also have escalation to help resolve issues. Having that in your back pocket has done amazing things for us.”

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