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FirstFT: China to put ‘strict’ limits on citizens travelling abroad

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China said it would “strictly limit” unnecessary outbound travel by its citizens amid escalating efforts to stamp out an outbreak of coronavirus that has already prompted weeks of city lockdowns.

The National Immigration Authority’s announcement, made on social media platform WeChat, also referred to the need to prevent people bringing the virus into China and comes on top of existing measures that heavily limit movement within and into the country.

The move reflects the government’s decision to continue with its zero-Covid policies as it battles the most severe outbreak since the pandemic emerged in Wuhan more than two years ago.

Chinese citizens were already advised to avoid all non-essential travel, but the latest announcement suggests a greater degree of strictness in border control and is likely to reflect concerns that citizens who go abroad could bring the virus back with them.

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1. Crypto industry shaken as Tether’s dollar peg snaps The $1.3tn cryptocurrency industry was on Thursday hit by one of its toughest challenges when stablecoin Tether — a critical cog in the market — failed to maintain its link with the US dollar. Tether tumbled as low as 95.11 cents in European trading, far below its $1 peg.

Line chart of $ per token showing Tether loses its $1 peg

2. Moscow imposes sanctions on EU energy companies Russia’s state-owned gas supplier Gazprom has said it will cut shipments to Europe through a main pipeline, sending prices surging and reinforcing President Vladimir Putin’s willingness to use energy as a weapon against the EU.

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3. Hong Kong strengthens currency for first time since 2019 Hong Kong’s central bank has intervened to strengthen the city’s currency and defend its US dollar peg for the first time since 2019, threatening to raise borrowing costs while the financial hub’s economy is still reeling from harsh Covid-19 restrictions.

4. SoftBank suffers historic loss SoftBank founder Masayoshi Son said his conglomerate was taking a “defensive” position and slowing down investments after its Vision Fund posted a historic investment loss of ¥3.5tn ($27bn) for the full year. Those falls plunged Son’s conglomerate as a whole into its biggest-ever quarterly net loss of ¥2.1tn

5. The supermassive black hole at centre of Milky Way Astronomers have unveiled the first images of the closest black hole to Earth, located at the centre of the Milky Way galaxy, from which they hope to glean new information about the mysterious celestial bodies.

This image of supermassive black hole Sagittarius A* is the product of pooling data from a global network of eight radio observatories © EHT Collaboration

The days ahead

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Russia GDP and April CPI data The impact of sanctions on Russia’s economy will be laid bare when the gross domestic product and inflation figures are published.

Swedish parliament debates joining Nato The ruling Social Democrats will make a decision on Sunday whether to join Nato. A formal application is expected next week.

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