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Candice Carlton on the Future of Digital Media for Advisors

In this video Timothy D. Welsh, president, CEO and founder of Nexus Strategy, and Candice Carlton, head of advisor education, FiComm Partners, reveal how to better connect with clients and prospects through different forms of digital media, especially video.

Tim and Candice discuss:

  • FiComm’s specializations across its Agency, Advisor Education and Amplify divisions.
  • Should advisors be doing video, and how it can humanize touchpoints with clients, equating to higher rates of retention, trust and value. 
  • The future of digital marketing—from creating content, reading reviews on advisors and finding the medium that makes the advisor the most excited about growing their business. 
  • What is the “hybrid approach” in serving clients and how advisors are adopting different media forms to engage with different clients.
  • FiComm’s DIY Video Workshop and how it has taken that digital first approach and optimized the program from eight weeks, to four weeks and down to a single day. This is really about advisors creating a digital plan for their own voice.
  • The “Jolters!” and how Robert Sofia and his team are mixing in fun with engagement and value for advisors today.


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