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OriginPoint exec on how to make networking events work for you

MPA: What’s your most unconventional advice for building your referral network?

JF: Just be yourself and focus on referral partners that you have commonalities with.

MPA: Can you give me any kind of quantification of your success in the past year, and what is your target loan volume this year?

JF: Events, events, events! You always need to engage with your past clients and referral sources to stay top of mind, and I found that events led to a lot of success for me this last year. The event itself may not always generate business, but it creates connections that allow me to educate and collaborate with others. Even if a client or referral partner can’t make it, they appreciate the invite and will think of you the next time they need a mortgage loan expert.  Over the next 18 to 24 months, I anticipate there will be a purging of the business, and a lot of originators will be exiting it. This will create opportunities for me to capture more market share and reach my goal of $40 million in total loan volume next year.

MPA: How do you engage with and empower clients during the homebuying process?

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