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Ukrainian Parliamentarian Says Biden’s Speech Doesn’t Reassure Ukrainians

  • Speaking in Warsaw on Saturday, Biden warned Putin not to even think about attacking NATO allies.
  • A Ukrainian parliament member said while Biden reassured Poland, Ukrainians are not reassured. 
  • Inna Sovsun said bombs are currently falling on Ukrainian cities, not in Poland. 

A Ukrainian Parliament member said US President Joe Biden’s speech in Warsaw, Poland, on Saturday did not reassure her as a Ukrainian. 

“I did not hear a single word from @POTUS that would make me, as #Ukrainian feel reassured that the West will help us more than doing right now (which is not enough),” Inna Sovsun said in a tweet on Saturday.


Sovsun, Ukraine’s first Deputy Minister of Education and Science, has previously used social media to speak about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Biden, in his speech, warned Russian Vladimir Putin to not even think about “moving on NATO territory.”

“America’s forces are not in Europe to engage in conflict with Russian forces,” Biden said. “American forces are here to defend NATO allies.”

Sovsun said while she’s happy Biden reassured Poland, “the bombs are exploding in Kyiv, and Kharkiv, not in Warsaw.”

In a Facebook post, Sovsun criticized Biden’s remarks that encouraged people not to be afraid. 

“It’s very easy to perform in Warsaw and urge not to be afraid. While our boys and girls are fighting for the world,” she wrote.

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