Business is booming.

Real estate franchise poised for global growth

It was during an internal assessment that the disparate functions used by brokers piecemeal became clear, Shamp recalled. “When we were trying to figure out which companies we needed to partner with, we realized we had three fragmented solutions and people were having to jump from one system to another to check those boxes. As we were interviewing people, we realized RealNex was the one solution that really brought all three of those elements together under one common platform.”

While the alliance is nascent, Shamp said the fortified tools now at the company’s disposal will not only help commercial brokers domestically but represents a springboard for international expansion as well.

“We interviewed tons of vendors that were potential candidates, but RealNex was the one that really took their platform and rebuilt it in a way that filled all of our needs and it’s continuing to grow,” Shamp said. “It gives us opportunities to collaborate across the US as well as potentially expanding into international markets soon as well.”

The high-value acquisitions brokered by the firm hint at the need for efficiency and a more streamlined approach. In January, the company announced Florida-based Imperium Blue’s acquisition of the Chateau and Zalanta retail centers in South Lake Tahoe for $33 million from Ready Capital. Tony Wood of KW Commercial represented the seller in the transaction. The sold properties are part of a 20-acre development that includes 400 residential condominiums and 100,000 square feet of retail space.

Through the partnership, KW Commercial brokers and agents gain access to RealNex Navigator™, a CRM-plus solution adapted to serve KW Commercial real estate brokers and agents globally. Features include software for languages, currency and footage-to-meters conversion features. “That’s going to give us a value proposition that will allow us to expand internationally pretty rapidly,” Shamp said.

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