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Money Clinic podcast: How can investors buy gold?

When market uncertainty rises, the gold price usually follows — and this year has been no exception.

Investors traditionally turn to gold as a “haven investment” during volatile times. The Ukraine war and rising global inflation have promoted gold to trade at prices not seen since the onset of the pandemic in 2020. But how could it function as a part of your investment portfolio?

Podcast listener Blaise, 34, was given a gold sovereign as a gift some years ago. Eager to buy more, he wants to research the pros and cons of the different ways investors could hold the yellow metal.

Podcast: How can investors buy gold?

As the price of gold soars, Claer Barrett and guests discuss how investors should react. Listen here

In this episode, presenter Claer Barrett visits the vault of a gold shop in Mayfair to see — and touch — the different kinds of physical gold investors are buying, and to find out why they might find it an attractive prospect.

FT columnist Merryn Somerset Webb explains why she views gold as an insurance policy, rather than an investment, and talks listeners through the many ways they could hold gold in their portfolio.

To listen, click here, or search for Money Clinic wherever you get your podcasts.

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