Business is booming.

Hybrid work – is it here to stay?

However, it is not yet clear how the workplace will look in the future now that restrictions have been lifted, with companies still trying to decide the long-term implications of working from home.

Workers were asked if their employer had signaled that their jobs would continue to be remote or transition back to the office post-pandemic. In April, 77% said that according to their employer, remote work would continue indefinitely. Significantly, that figure not only remained stable but increased slightly in December, with 78% stating the work arrangements were the same.

Housing market

Rob Warnock, CEO of Apartment List, told MPA that hybrid arrangements were gaining in popularity but were “pretty dramatic” from a housing market perspective, as they were significantly more restrictive than full-time remote work when it came to workers’ abilities to relocate.

“Even just having to come to the office occasionally, it greatly reduces the radius around which you can live, and you need to be within that stone’s throw of the office or the city center,” he said.

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