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Your chance to quiz FT writers about climate change

Young people have been vocal in calling for more action to fight climate change. Now they have the chance to quiz top FT writers and experts about this important topic at a free online event.

Hosted by FT Schools, the event will be live streamed on Tuesday March 1 between 12 noon and 2pm UK time.

Clive Cookson, the FT’s science editor, will explore what the climate could be like when today’s 18-year-olds enter old age.

Tim Harford, the FT columnist better known as the Undercover Economist, will consider how economics could solve the climate crisis.

Claer Barrett, the FT’s consumer editor, and Mary McDougall of the Investors’ Chronicle will question what ESG really means, and if it’s possible to invest in saving the planet.

And Gideon Rachman, the FT columnist, will explore the links between climate change and geopolitics.

The event can be watched live or on demand, just visit to register your free place.

FT Schools

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You can also send questions to the experts ahead of time by clicking here.

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