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MyPillow’s Shipment of Pillows for Protesting Canadian Truckers Delayed

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s pillow delivery for the protesting “Freedom Convoy” truckers in Canada has hit a snag.

Lindell announced on Sunday that he would be sending a care package to all the “brave truckers” blocking major connections across the US-Canada border and clogging up roads in Ottawa to protest Canada’s vaccine mandates.

He told Insider then that MyPillow trucks would be sending some 12,000 pillows from his factory in Minnesota, with the delivery scheduled to cross the border by Tuesday evening. 

Lindell said he would have sent the pillows from his manufacturing facility outside Montreal but could not do so because of production capacity limits. However, he added that he was not too worried about the pillows making their way to their destination because he had “shipped hundreds of thousands of MyPillows to Canada.” 

Lindell’s delivery trucks had still not made it to their destination as of Wednesday night. Lindell told Insider that he was waiting to hear back from the Canadian authorities on whether his truck drivers would be allowed to cross over to Canada. 

“If our last permit gets approved, we will be crossing over to the border tomorrow (Thursday) and roll into Ottawa,” Lindell said. 

The stalling of the MyPillow delivery at the Canadian border was documented by the conservative Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN). On Tuesday, a video published by RSBN showed a massive MyPillow truck that appeared to be stalled at a border crossing from Michigan to Canada.

According to the network, the truck contained “classic” MyPillows, as well as “Bible” pillows for kids.

“I hope we get across,” Lindell told RSBN. 

RSBN said on Tuesday that their film crew, along with Lindell’s drivers, were stopped at the border and denied entry to Canada due to COVID-19 protocols. Lindell later told Newsweek that he thought his crew had “all the right credentials and everything” but confirmed that his drivers were “definitely not vaccinated.” 

According to the Canadian authorities, travelers can enter or return to Canada only if they are fully vaccinated. Those intending to cross the border must have valid pre-entry test results, proof of vaccination, and a quarantine plan if they test positive for COVID-19.

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