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CAIS’ Matt Brown on Connecting Advisors to Alt Investment Managers

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Traditional 60/40 portfolios are not delivering the returns clients are looking for, argues Matt Brown, a former financial advisor and now CEO of CAIS, an alternative investments platform for wealth managers. In the current market, alternative investing has increased in demand, prompting advisors to look for more information on these investment options.  

In this episode, David Armstrong talks with Brown about how the CAIS platform works to connect financial advisors with alternative asset managers and strategies that are right for their clients. Matt talks about the role of alternative investments within the current market and the importance of education as investing continues to evolve.

David and Matt discuss:

  • How CAIS provides connections to facilitate investments in alternatives;
  • Why alternative investments are increasing in popularity among advisors and clients;
  • The importance of education when advisors implement alternative investing; and
  • The role of crypto and blockchain technology for CAIS. 

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