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Put your stockpicking skills to the test

Aspiring stock pickers are likely to find 2022 a challenging year for share price predictions.

But turbulent markets can create opportunities for the quick-thinking investor. Why not make some bold calls about which companies will benefit and which will lose out in 2022, by pitting your wits against FT journalists in the next round of our annual stockpicking contest?

Enter the competition here

The competition entry form is at, where you can enter your five picks. The three readers whose portfolios perform best in the 2022 contest will be invited to the FT’s offices in London early in 2023 — subject to lockdowns and travel restrictions.

Contestants must choose five stocks from around the world and take either a long or short position — betting that the shares will either rise or fall. The winner is the person who generates the highest overall return on their portfolio. No money is wagered — so the only potential loss is your pride.

Entries will close at midnight GMT on Sunday, February 6, and the contest will be judged on the gains or losses made between February 7 and December 31.

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