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Mortgage firm aims for diversity in ranks, lending

She recalled thinking of the experience as being emblematic of a generational wealth gap that exists in this country. “We’ve got to start somewhere,” she said, “and that somewhere is with homeownership. Once you have a home, there’s so many areas where a community and family can really flourish. That’s what’s driven me.”

Her parents still live in the home they purchased in 1986 in the south side of Chicago, she noted. While her married name is the Italian surname DeLuca, she made a conscious decision to also keep her maiden name reflective of her culture. “When I got married, it was very important for me to keep my maiden name. I’m very proud to wear my name.”

Guild Mortgage is a rapidly growing mortgage lending company originating and servicing residential loans since 1960. Prior to joining Guild, DeLuca served almost three years as senior vice president of Federal Savings Bank, Brentwood, Tenn., where she led a team that focused on supporting homeownership within Hispanic and Black communities. Her other recent leadership roles include serving as area sales manager for more than five years with Wintrust Mortgage, Chicago, and four years as sales manager, diverse segments specialist, with Wells Fargo, also in Chicago.  

DeLuca joined NAHREP in Chicago in 2009, was named to the board and later served on its executive committee. She joined the board of the Nashville Chapter of NAHREP when she moved to Tennessee and has been a certified trainer for NAHREP’s Hispanic Wealth Project, The NAHREP 10, since 2019. Through the NAHREP 10, she is leading efforts to provide advocacy and education to help build generational wealth within the Hispanic community. She currently serves on NAHREP’S Corporate Board of Governors and will represent Guild with NAHREP at the national and regional levels.

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