Business is booming.

Bonus season 2022: How does yours measure up?

As the financial world anticipates what many believe will be a bumper bonus season, FT Money would like to know how yours measures up — and whether you intend to invest, spend or save the money.

Give us two minutes of your time to answer seven simple questions in our anonymous reader poll.

In the coming weeks, FT Money will collate and publish the findings alongside specially tailored content for readers who are keen to learn more about investing their money tax efficiently.

Bonus survey

Click here to access the survey. Please note, this is an anonymous reader poll, and we do not require you to provide any personal information or contact details. You can direct any further questions to our email

Perhaps you’ve been “capped out” of saving any more into your pension and are considering alternatives such as VCTs or EIS schemes.

Maybe high inflation is tempting you to spend more of your bonus than you usually would — perhaps on a holiday abroad.

Alternatively, rising interest rates might have convinced you to pay down a chunk of your mortgage — or has the “race for space” led you to buy a bigger property further out of town?

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