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Which states are the best and worst to raise a family?


Maine listed the fewest number of violent crimes (per 1,000 residents) – up to 7.7 times fewer than Alaska, the state with the most along with Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Tennessee.

Unsurprisingly, the poorest states also had some of the worst crime, divorce and infant mortality rates.  

WalletHub asked a panel of experts for their views, and all welcomed President Biden’s proposals on paid family leave and childcare.

Professor Aruna Jha, from the University of Wisconsin, said banking agreements allowing the purchase of low-cost first homes, as well as access to affordable rental properties, should be high on the list of priorities for states in their efforts to attract young families.

Easy access to amenities, along with a safe downtown area, good governance and jobs that provided “a decent living wage” would also make states more attractive for this demographic group.

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