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Advisor Innovations: Asset-Map’s Adam Holt


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Winner of two Industry Awards, Asset-Map has grown from personal-use cases to helping thousands of financial advisors make meaningful decisions to grow their business. 

In this episode, David Armstrong is joined by the CEO and founder of Asset-Map, Adam Holt. Adam shares why he started Asset-Map and how its success reflects the need for advisors to expedite the process of explaining each aspect of a client’s financial plan. He discusses how automation has entered the financial planning industry and the influence of technology for current and future financial advisors.

Adam discusses:

  • Why he started Asset-Map;
  • How technology impacts how financial advisors deliver financial planning services to clients;
  • How Asset-Map removes the “set it and forget it” expectation for a financial plan;
  • What the six L’s are and how they pertain to a client’s plan; and
  • Expectations of the next generation of advisors.


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