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New year success; tapping into the best non-QM mortgage products


“We would recommend that our brokers re-evaluate their product mix have the product mix that speaks to what clients are looking for in the new year and the market right now,” Erica LaCentra, chief marketing officer with RCN Capital explained.

A new year does bring with it changing market conditions. Despite favorable market conditions through 2021, rates are set to move northward LaCentra pointed out.

“Rates are rising throughout the mortgage space right now. Mortgage brokers were able to benefit from the refinancing boom and this area is slowing down as rates slowly increase. Our brokers need to determine what products would be the best fit for their client’s needs, given changing market conditions, and then to be able to look at alternative offerings in the non-QM space,” LaCentra added.

Part of a successful strategy moving into the new year includes the need for brokers to consider an evolving commercial lending market in their overall approach.

“Regrouping and looking at what products are going to be in high demand moving into 2022 becomes important, as well as taking a pulse on the marketplace in general. We must make sure they (RCN’s brokers) have the right products in their toolbelt that folks are going to want. I think that is important going into the new year; being able to offer their existing and new customers products that are in high demand in the new year,” LaCentra stated.

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