Business is booming.

Expansion on the mind: hiring to meet the commercial demand in 2022


“We fit the employee to the right position. There is a position here for all different kinds of mindsets and personalities,” Dorin reflected.

“A lot of employees that we have hired have had no previous experience in the mortgage industry. Some of our top loan officers did not come from a mortgage background. We see a future employee’s skill set and determine if that skill set can manage our pipeline of loans,” Dorin further elaborated.

Thinking outside the box, encouraging new talent regardless of a potential employee’s previous career focus, and working closely with valued investors, RCN is poised to take on the red-hot commercial lending space moving into the new year.

As Dorin characterized it, “We want to hit staffing levels for 2022 that are going to be appropriate for the volume that we anticipate. We will continue to offer a personal experience for our investor customers and the right investment products with the right people in place,” Dorin concluded.

Chris Dorin, VP of Sales, works with brokers and borrowers to manage loans through origination and underwriting processes. Chris’s focus is to develop long-lasting relationships with RCN clients and maintain a prosperous partnership for all sides. Chris has over 10 years of experience within the finance industry, working for banks, credit unions, and insurance companies. His primary experience has been in the areas of lending, underwriting, and sales, which are all put to use at RCN Capital. Chris is a graduate of Bryant College (Now University) in Smithfield, RI, with a B.A. in Finance

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