Business is booming.

From unlikely beauty queen to mortgage leader


Firmly established at Boston National Title since 2016, Wolosoff heads the New York operation. Among her many responsibilities, she leads new business development, recruitment and growth of operations for the country’s largest independent title agency.

In March, she was promoted to president of the national commercial division, focusing on everything from warehouse conversions to new solar farms, the latter growing so fast it has become a business niche.

“We always hedge against the market. So, when refis are changing, our volume is changing. Now we can put more emphasis on commercial or purchase work,” she said.

By her own admission, selling title insurance in the commercial real estate sector, which habitually involves million-dollar transactions, can be a nerve-jangling, high-pressure environment to swim in.

“Every day you go from zero to a hundred. You wake up on a slow day with a cup of coffee, and then you get a call and they have a portfolio of 40 properties across the country and you need to close today,” she revealed.

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