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Amrock CEO on what it means to take massive role


Rocket’s legacy and reputation for offering a high level of customer satisfaction appear to be uppermost on her mind, and she mentioned the company’s eight consecutive JD Power Awards more than once to emphasize the point.

Clearly, Rocket’s company culture is deeply embedded in Beattie. Not in vain, the press statement announcing her appointment said that “she lives by her servicing team’s motto of ‘love your team members and love your clients’ by leading with empathy and passion for the company’s award-winning culture”.

Asked how such a rousing motto played out on a day-to-day level in the workplace, she said: “We like to say the secret sauce in our organization is our people and our culture – we truly care about the team members that work here.

“Every single day I think of ways to find the best in each individual and I ask:  What are the best skills that they bring to the table and how do we leverage that in a meaningful way? That is so empowering.”

Empowerment is a concept Beattie seems to understand fully, judging by her own philosophy to work and life. “Don’t take yourself too seriously, failure is a part of growth. I always say ‘think big and fail forward fast’.

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