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Money Clinic podcast: Financial secrets of footballers (part two)


Many dream of being an elite footballer, but what’s it like actually earning a professional player’s salary?

In the second half of this two-part podcast special, Claer Barrett explores the darker side of earning staggering sums as a young player.

Unscrupulous financial advisers, risky investments, gambling, injuries and early retirement can all cut short your earning potential — and there are lessons here for all of us.

Podcast: Financial secrets of footballers (part 2)

Former England star Sol Campbell and other professional players talk to Claer Barrett about their financial lives — and goals. Listen here

She hears from Gareth Farrelly, a former Premier League footballer who narrowly avoided death — and financial ruin — when his playing career ended, but has now reinvented himself as a top sports lawyer.

Plus former England defender Sol Campbell and AFC Bournemouth full-back Jack Stacey reveal how they manage their money and what listeners can learn from this.

To listen to part one of the podcast, click here. Want to be a future guest? Email us at or reach out to Claer on Instagram and Twitter: @ClaerB

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